CEVO: Fire - Maneuvering Skills

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Fire Truck Driving Course

At Coaching Systems, we have created the most comprehensive fire vehicle course for coaching fire truck emergency and fire maneuvering skills. Emergency vehicles require special training for effectively maneuvering through traffic safely.

This competency-based course is built to test the operator’s ability to handle emergency vehicles. It provides truck drivers with the skills, judgment, expertise, and knowledge of the limitations of fire trucks for effective maneuvering.

Our fire truck driving course outlines how to establish a driving course and perform a low-speed maneuvering skills session. This program can be beneficial for organizations with a limited driving range. While this course is specifically for fire truck maneuvering, we also offer a similar ambulance maneuvering skills program. Check out either of Coaching System's maneuvering skills courses to master your vehicle!

CEVO: Fire Maneuvering Skills Components

The fire truck driving course identifies how to conduct a sequence of specific exercises for defensive driving, including the following:
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This skill module entails an integrated defensive driving program for coaching emergency vehicle operators and fire vehicle course. It details how to conduct various exercises, including:


  • Serpent driving: Provides skills for forward and reverse driving. It measures the driver’s proficiency to steer the vehicle between close limits without stopping. As a driver, you can also learn how to move forward and backward within limited spaces.
  • Vehicle Inspection Section
  • Backing Sideways: To the left and right
  • Backing with Help: This program gauges the operator’s proficiency to drive the fire truck safely and smoothly. It also tests to see if the driver can use the mirrors correctly, judge spatial relations such as clearance and distance, as well as communicate with the rest of the crew.

Administrator's Guide

The administrator’s guide outlines detailed information about the course’s safety procedures, application of safety equipment, course setup, and program implementation. This guide also checks the necessary safety checks before starting to practice.

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