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Coaching Systems Classroom

Coaching Systems®' Coaching Series® of driver and occupational safety training programs are based on the "coaching" method of non-lecture, structured discussion training that is highly effective with adult learners. Since the first "Coaching" program in 1983, CS's series has grown to include nearly 50 programs.

Its enthusiastic acceptance by the safety community — from safety professionals, loss control specialists and risk managers to class participants — can be directly attributed to:

  • The use of a variety of educational methods that encourage participants to actively participate throughout the training.
  • The integrated training package design, which contains all the materials necessary for a complete presentation.
  • The instructor-friendly format, which is fully scripted and requires minimal preparation time.
  • CS's research and development process that constantly seeks to determine how to make the training better.

The majority of the Coaching programs are designed for classroom presentation by an instructor, although no specific instructor certification is required. Each classroom program consists of a fully scripted leader's guide, a video presentation and participant response books (available separately). Some programs also contain a series of discussion slides or overhead transparencies. Coaching The Trainer sessions for specific Coaching programs are available in various locations throughout the country.

A number of the programs are available in VIDEO SELF-INSTRUCTION and ONLINE formats to give trainers more flexibility in reaching their employees. The self-instruction programs enable organizations to reach employees spread out in various locations; to train new hires quickly (especially important in industries with high employee turnover), or to use as post-classroom refresher or remedial training.

If you find a program in our listings that is of interest to you, please contact Tanner Johnson at tj@coachingsystems.com or 303.248.3858

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